With its ventilator project, non-profit organization Gear Up Medical vzw has the mission to help fight the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic by providing hospitals in need with durable and affordable respirators.

Prototype 5
Development path
Clinical test prototype 1
Protoype 2
Clinical test prototype 2


Fight Covid-19 by providing ventilators to hospitals in need. Your support is essential to finalize testing protocols and start production. Please contribute to Gear Up Medical vzw/asbl via one of the following options:

  • Transfer to BE03 7350 5633 7584; no fiscal attestation possible
  • Transfer via the King Baudouin Foundation online payment page: https://donate.kbs-frb.be/b?cid=142&lang=en_EN; tax-deductible for amounts above 40 EUR
  • Transfer via the account of the King Baudouin Foundation; BE10 0000 0000 0404 with structured code ***128/3234/00048**; tax-deductible for amounts above 40 EUR
  • If your company would like to contribute to the project, we can draft a sponsorship agreement. Please contact us via the Google form.

Please read more information on your donation here.

Together we can save lives!



Thank you

Thanks a lot to all of you who contribute to the Corona Ventilator project, be it by donating small or large amounts, by spending time and sleep or by offering help in any other way.

We are still very grateful for the massive response following our call for industry assistance. We have been receiving a lot of helpful offerings in our mailbox. We did not find the time yet to answer to all of you in person, for which we apologize. However, not hearing from us does not mean that time is being wasted. We have mapped all offerings to be able to get back to you quickly if needed.

Please help us by sending new messages via the google form.



Thanks ever so much for the support from all partners and volunteers putting their back into the project (non-exhaustive list below)!



List of fellow workers and volunteers in progress.

  • Audrain Léa
  • Brants Johan
  • Brion Christel
  • Claeys Nele
  • De Coninck Bert
  • Donckerwolke Sofie
  • Druetz Antoine
  • Eelen Paul
  • Gaeremynck Emiel-Jan
  • Gijsels Stefanie
  • Haelvoet Vincent
  • Herregodts Stijn
  • Herregodts Jan
  • Herregodts Karel
  • Herregodts Pieter
  • Hoogewys Geert
  • Lindemans Jan-Diederik
  • McMurray ACMA CGMA Tony
  • Portier Frank
  • Vander Elstraeten Anneleen
  • Vansteenkiste Ewout
  • Verhaeghe Mathijs

Keep in touch!

We might release new calls for help soon, so please keep an eye on our website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter page. Thanks again!

Jan Herregodts (left / doctor in training UGent)
Stijn Herregodts (right / PhD Robot Surgery UGent)