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Different ventilator projects are popping up all over the world. Although this is definitely a signal of hope, it is difficult for most of these clever designs to make it from the drawing board to the factory. In most cases, this results in a few prototypes at best. With the Corona Ventilator, Gear Up Medical vzw wants to make a difference. We are developing a clinically performant device and at the same time setting up suitable production facilities to enable a production line for the ventilator. To kickstart this endeavour, we need your financial support!

Currently, there are four options to wire your contribution to Gear Up Medical vzw. Please chose the one that fits your intentions best.


Wire transfer to bank account BE03 7350 5633 7584 (BIC KREDBEBB).

In the short term, your donation will contribute to the following expenses:

  • Costs related to research and further development of the Corona Ventilator
  • Costs related to certification and laboratory expenses
  • Costs related to startup of the production facilities
  • International network expansion for distribution and service support
  • Buffer stock of essential parts
  • Medical insurance
  • Labor costs for a small team of employees and/or consultants
  • Administrative costs

There will only be a social return of your contribution, not a financial one.

If the project were to come to a halt and the donated funds have not been (fully) used, the remainder of the amount will be invested in a similar humanitarian project in accordance with our non-profit’s altruistic purpose. According to the Belgian Company Code, money from a non-profit can never be paid out to its founders, but can only be transferred to other non-profit organizations.

If you would like to be mentioned as a donor on our website, please send us the following information as a memo with your wire transfer:

  • “1 + Name, First name”: your full name will be shown
  • “0”: Neither your name, nor other personal information will be mentioned on the website or in other media.
  • Blank: Neither your name, nor other personal information will be mentioned on the website or in other media.
  • Memos differing from the above-mentioned pattern: Neither your name, nor other personal information will be mentioned on the website or in other media.

The vzw itself cannot provide tax attestations for donations. Considering the urgent need for ventilators, we cannot await approval for tax receipts by the Federal Public Service. If you would like your donation to be tax deductible, please have a look at the other options.

According to article 9:22 from the Belgian Company Code, an authorization from the minister of Justice or his representative is required for donations over €100.000. If you were to make such a donation, please notify us in advance.


The King Baudouin Foundation was so kind to open a project account for Gear Up Medical vzw.

To donate via the King Baudouin Foundation, please go to the online payment page:

If you prefer the classical way of transferring money, please use account number BE10 0000 0000 0404. Only if you use ***128/3234/00048** as a structured code, the funds will eventually be made over to Gear Up Medical vzw.

For all donations above 40 EUR per year, the Foundation can provide you with an attestation that will lead to a tax deduction of 45% of the paid amount (Income Tax Code article 145/33).

Amounts transferred to us via the King Baudouin Foundation can only be used to cover costs related to (further) development of the Corona Ventilator. If you would like to support insurance, inventory, production, or other costs, please use one of the other options to fund.


If your company would like to contribute a substantial amount to the project, we can draft a sponsorship agreement. Financial sponsorship is liable to VAT but fiscally beneficial. Please contact us via the Google form.


To protect the vzw against any suspicion of receiving money with uncertain origins, cash donations will not be accepted. Thank you for your understanding.